How to get here


Bus could be used from the Guadalajara Bus Station. You can take the bus from the Guadalajara Bus Depot or take it in a stop on the exit from Guadalajara to Colima on the prolongation of Lopez Mateos after the intersection of Anillo Periferico. Request the bus driver to leave you in “Las Antenas”.

Ground from Guadalajara:  We are around 120 Km. from Guadalajara Take Toll Highway  (54-D)  or free Highway 401 to Colima.

If using the toll road, take exit labeled “Atoyac-Tapalpa” and turn right, you will end up in the free Highway 401, then turn left until you get to Highway 436 to Tapalpa. Just at the peak of the way up,  19 Km. from the start of 436, on your left you will find our entrance.

We will be just at the big green sign “Bienvenidos a Tapalpa, Pueblo Magico”